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Samples of different styles of lace spooled and unspooled.

Wilson Lace Mill Jim Anderson 1937-380001_1.jpg
Jim Anderson worked at the Thomas Wilson Lace Mill and was Thomas Hummel's Great Uncle.

Walter James Hummel and friends 19160001_1.jpg
Walter James Hhummela nd friends, including Charles Anderson, April 1916.

Jim Anderson with construction of Lace mill equip0001_1.jpg

home of Thomas Hummel 400 Old Post Road Port Jeff0001_1.jpg
Home of Thomas Hummel, located at 400 Old Post Road, Port Jefferson, fabricated in part with lumber from Camp Upton, early 1920s.

Anna May Anderson Hummel Wilson Lace Mill0002_1.jpg
Anna May Anderssen Hummel standing outside the Wilson Mill with friends and possibly Mrs. Thomas Wilson. The stack in the background confirms Port Jefferson Station location.

2 hunting dogs of Walter James Hummel0001_1.jpg
Two hunting dogs belonging to Walter James Hummel, who fed his family on rabbits and pheasants in Port Jefferson and Setauket.

Leavers Lace book and pay stub belonging to Michael D. Gajda, who worked at the Thomas Wilson Lace Mill.

Thomas Hummel's grandmother Feb. 1977 0001_1.jpg
An article marking the one hundredth birthday of Thomas Hummel's grandmother, Marguerite Luge (pronounced Loojet) C. Hummel, who was born in Calais, France, and had planned to travel from England to the U.S. on the Titanic, but missed taking the…

The Terryville Post Office was located on Terryville Road and operated from February 10, 1888 to November 15, 1918. It was then re-established on December 9, 1924 and discontinued again on June 30, 1958. The area now receives service from the Port…
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